drawings & visualisation

Do you need to transfer the sketches created by you into ready-made drawings of building structures, make new sketches or create three-dimensional visualisation? This service simplifies the entire workflow and gives you, as a client, a better basis for making decisions, and provide our specialists with more detailed work instructions.


We design and install cranes, hook lifts and lift dumpers on trucks and on additional chassis to create ready-to-use units that can be put into operation. Design examples:

• Small and large cranes from 1.7 to 110 tons with the necessary equipment: cantilever boom, bucket and winch.
• Cranes and hook lifts
• Dump trucks
• Earth-moving machinery

body components

We produce body components for all body types. We also have body parts in stock.

adaption to construction vehicles

We adapt your construction machinery to your needs: we install turning systems, excavator systems, heaters and centralised lubrication systems. We even help with finding the right tools and, if necessary, produce customized tools.

manufacturing of steel products

You can order following from us:

• Buckets for loaders and excavators
• Containers for dump trucks and hook lifts of various sizes
• Snow plows for construction vehicles and trucks